USB Nano 485

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Cengiz Tan
17/08/2015 15:25

USB Nano 485

This product has any windows 10 driver?
Shop-Administrator 20/11/2015 08:34

yes of course. All our products will work with Windows 8, 8.1, 10. Please notice: Older converters (bought before 2013) need the Win8 converter Upgrade. You can find it in "Service/Info"
Howard Ryan 11/02/2016 08:55

As per your reply, I have purchased and down loaded the upgrade software however my windows 10 machine is still unable to recognise the USB-Nano 485 device.

The "how to" pdf was not in english so I'm unable to read it however i followed all the steps as prompted on the screen during the installation of the software and selected yes to upgrading the device which was plugged in.

But it's still not working.

Shop-Administrator 16/02/2016 07:42

Hello, please make sure to start the upgrade on a Win7 or older machine! It is necessary that the converter is properly installed to reprogram (upgrade) it. Keep in mind that this upgrade is not a driver! It is an upgrade for the converter itself! So please install your converter on Win7 or older (just like as you used it over the last years) and then run the upgrade. Your converter will then show up as "serial converter" in the device manager and not as "USB-Nano-485". After that you can use it with Win8/10.
ivan diaz 26/05/2016 16:58

Hello, i purchased the convert upgrade aswell, i executed in a comp with winddows xp and seems like its ok. But when i plug on windows 8,1 it appear in the device manager as USB-NANO-485 instead serial converter. any ideas?
Jorge Amorim 16/02/2018 02:56

I'm not using mine very often. Now I have a computer with Windows 10 installed.
Why I have to pay 3,5€ in order to convert a driver to use in a new computer?
it should be for free!!!
As in all other brands and systems.
I admit somebody had to work to ensure it will works with a new system. However, it should be a natural thing, adapt to the system.
If I have to pay to convert a driver, I will buy a different converter. Sorry
Shop-Administrator 16/02/2018 10:10

Hi, because the "Upgrade" is not just a driver! If your converter does not work with win10 it is bought before 2013! These converters were meant to work with win7 or older. If you need your converter to work with win10 you have to reflash the converter itself. This is NO DRIVER INSTALLATION at all. Thats why this service is charged with 3,50€. Drivers are free of charge.